Alena is an Italian organic farm and seed-to-table brand, calling home the picturesque Camonica Valley, nestled among the Central Alps of Lombardy. Led by partners Diego and Laura, it's a family-run business rooted in crafting healthy, sustainable food and fostering the community's wellbeing through the conservation and promotion of their territory.

Empowering biodiverse agriculture and the cultivation of resilient, ancient varieties are core practices at the heart of the brand. Alena received the Organic Certification for all its crops in 2018 and recognition from the Associazione del Mais Nero Spinoso (The Italian Black Corn Association) in 2019, making the brand one of the only 35 authorized growers of the corn variety, a native of the Camonica Valley.

The desire to innovate the craft of everyday kitchen staples led Diego and Laura to launch Alena Seed to Table Range six months after the opening. Drawing inspiration from childhood memories and family recipes, they create new classics that blend culinary traditions with sustainable innovation.


Diego developed an interest in cultivating the nearly forgotten corn variety called Il Mais Nero Spinoso in 2014, beginning to grow the crop in the family plots of land. The ancient strain is one of the protected species recognised by the Italian Registry and the subject of an ongoing study by Unimont, a branch of renowned Milan's Cattolica University, dedicated to preserving the Alpine territory.

What began as a passion project turned into a family's journey merging organic farming and responsible entrepreneurship. Joining forces with his partner Laura, Diego launched Alena in 2017. The brand name speaks of the bond with their land, paying homage to La Lena, the moniker old folks used to call the nearby hills.

Local partnerships began flourishing with the distribution of fresh produce and kitchen staples to grocery stores and gourmet shops, followed by participation at regional fairs and major Italian trade shows.

Coldiretti, the Italian Farmers and Growers Association, selected Alena as one of the brands representing the Lombardy Region Excellence at their 2019 Annual Expo in Milan.


Laura and Diego have always been a part of each other's life, first as friends, then as companions, parents and business partners.

Together they share the dream to build a company rooted in making a difference.


For generations, Diego's family has called Malegno home, and his mum and dad own the village grocery store. Since 2019, he is part of the Consorzio Forestale Pizzo Camino, created in 1998 to sponsor the preservation of 7.425 hectares of territory in the Camonica Valley. In partnership with Malegno borough, Diego creates educational experiences and workshops for kids. The next project will involve teaching children about the life of bees and their importance to our ecosystem.


Laura is part of the Malegno Environmental Commission, an initiative led by the Mayor's office to promote sustainability and ethical practices through social media. Along with the commission, Laura creates Eco Pillole (Eco Pills), an informative blog about eco-activism, plastic alternatives, recycling and renewable energy.

The young Ilai has lots of ideas on how to continue mum and dad's work, but for now, he loves playing with hens and picking up fresh strawberries in the fields.